BTBA Ranking Lists 2017-18
After Event 15 - Youth London International
Scores last updated: 11/08/2018

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BTBA Tour Event Points

BTBA ranking points will be awarded on the individual total scratch pinfall scored in qualifying rounds.

There are three age divisions, U19, U16 and U11 for both boys and girls. Each division will be awarded points separately as follows:

1st place 120, 2nd place 110, 3rd place 100, then down in 5s to 60 points, followed by 59, 58, 57 down to 1 point for 70th place.

The age divisions for the ranking points do not tie-in with the age / average divisions for the tournaments.
Awards for winning divisions in tournaments will stand as per the tournament rules.


Entrance into the Academy is by invitation only. Players Under 16 and 14 or over at the end of each season, and thus appearing on the Under 16 rankings for that season, are eligible for invitation. Players are invited:

  • From the Under 16 JTE Tour rankings where players have participated in a minimum seven events.
  • IF all the places are not filled, then players can be invited from the Under16 BTBA Tour rankings, again where they have participated in a minimum of seven events.
  • IF there is still capacity then players with fewer events on the JTE Tour rankings, and then the BTBA Tour rankings, will be considered.
  • Finally, if after all of this there are still spaces left, players who have been recommended by either Academy coaching staff OR their own YBC may be invited.
  • In extenuating circumstances players who are over 16 or under 14 may be invited. This is at the discretion of the N.A.Y.B.C. and the Academy Director.

It is the intention of the NAYBC to ensure as many eligible players as possible get the opportunity to attend the Academy each year.